P L A N E T    P A T H

Players Online: no one      Total Players: 110

Embark on a unique, story and player driven experience

Planet Path is a universe (quite literally) of infinite possibility. Enter a land of real people just like you, with a rich overarching story and environment. Build your own spaceship and become a space pirate, or settle wild lands on a distant planet, grow a farm and become a merchant. Whatever you do choose to do, it's your story.

10 Playable Races, 7 Professions

Select from a variety of unique races, each with their own history and culture. There are currently 7 professions (similar to classes in other games) with their own abilities, and an endless array of special skills anyone can learn. Move through space in your own purchased or custom-built ship. Enlist a crew and seek the hidden riches of the galaxy. Explore vast worlds and solve the mysterious plague that threatens all life.

Free, Secure, No Downloads

Planet Path is entirely free to play, with no microtransactions or paywalls. Furthermore, while accessible on telnet at planetpath:4000, you can play directly from our webclient!

What path will you choose?‍